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A TO E-61280
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A TO E-61292
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A TO E-61294
A TO E-61295
A TO E-61296
A TO E-61297
A TO E-61298
A TO E-61299
A TO E-78900
A TO E-78901
A TO E-78902
A TO E-78903
A TO E-78904
A TO E-78905
A TO E-78906
A TO E-78907
A TO E-78908
A TO E-78909
A TO E-78910
A TO E-78911
A TO E-78912
A TO E-78913
A TO E-78914
A TO E-78915
A TO E-78916
A TO E-78917
A TO E-78918
A TO E-78919
A TO E-84360
A TO E-84361
A TO E-84362
A TO E-84363
A TO E-84364
A TO E-84365
A TO E-84366
A TO E-84367
A TO E-84368
A TO E-84369
A TO E-84370
A TO E-84371
A TO E-84372
A TO E-84373
A TO E-84374
A TO E-84375
A TO E-84376
A TO E-84377
A TO E-84378
A TO E-84379



Please Note :  Tickets sold to you are Govt Issued Paper Lottery Tickets. Incase of Non Shipping Tickets, we safely secure your ticket booklet with us and send you a copy via any method as you desire of your purchase. You also get Email Confirmation of your Purchase. The Paper Lottery Ticket purchased by you is Automatically removed from the website once your order is paid & Number Confirmed. Your Tickets are Safely Secured with us until 7 days after the draw so that incase you want, you can collect them from our office.

आपको बेचे जानी वाली यह टिकट एक सरकारी पेपर लाटरी टिकट है . अगर आप बिना शिपिंग के टिकट खरीदते हैं तो हम वो टिकट अपने पास सुरक्षित रखते हैं और आप ड्रा के ७ दिन बाद तक भी , हमारे ऑफिस आ कर टिकट अपनी ले जा सकते हैं . आपकी खरीदारी की पुष्टि होते ही आपको दिए जाने वाले नंबर की जानकारी स्क्रीन पर दिखाई तथा ईमेल पर भेजी जाती है . इस सिलसिले में किसी भी तरह के कोई सवाल आपको पूछने हो तो हमें आज ही सम्पर्क करें. हमें ख़ुशी होगी आपके सवालों के जवाब दे कर .



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